Bulletsize started the year 2004 in the depths of Sweden. First as a thrash-metal band, but has now evolved to a faster, angrier and heavier combination of oldschool thrash and modern death-metal.

20160512 Time to update the old homepage again,Pansar have been signed to the record label http://ibdclabel666.bigcartel.com/ ,Thank you Ronnie Ripper for the layout .


20150913 Update the old homepage again ,the new Album who will be called “Pansar”is recorded and it will be a shorter tour 2015 in cooperation with Hammer and Tongs promotion and stage2stage.

photo session Roger Sjödin

20150401 Update the old page again,working hard to do the new album also working on the next tour ,also we confirmed that we play at this year Pöbelrocken in Norway.

20141205 We had a killer show in Trondheim Thank you people,Tomorrow back to Metal Inferno this time in Bollstabruk,it will be a killer,all t-shirts are available again.

20140927 Time to update the old homepage again a couple of shows have been booked in Trondheim at Uffahus,and Storsjöteatern in Östersund,There is also a one more Show this year but that is still under discussion with Promoter ,for next year will start to write and hopefully record a new album,this will be our fourth album so it feels really exciting and it feels really great to be part of the scene .

New Layout

20140630 time to update the website, it was a while ago, I do not know if any are on it but it just feels to do that sometimes, we have played on Dark Mental festival in May, it was above all expectations, everything was really good, cruel audience as usual, thank Ria for all, in June we played in Germany again and then began to play on Gahlen Moscht open air, a brutal festival where we met old and new friends, fun atmosphere and a lot of beer, the day after playing we Chronical Moschers open air, including bands like Holy Moses, Vader, Napalm Death, awesome atmosphere and very well organized festival check out both festivals if you’re around, the next festival will be in Latvia at the Fontaine Festival HS / Andreas

20140429 We had lots of fun on all the latest gigs it felt good to be out and play again some pictures, see photos, we have gained a lot of Festivals in May we are playing again in Copenhagen in the Dark Mental Festival it will be great to meet you all again, we will also play on Gahlen Moscht Metal open air in Germany and also Chronical Mosher open air where among other Napalm Death, Vader, Holy Moses, plus lots of other awesome bands to play Cheers.

20140329 It is time to update the site, we have rehearsed us with Jonas so now it feels alright to go out again on Tour, we have a gig in Stockholm next Wednesday at KGB Bar, then Hamburg and finally Wroclaw in Poland, Numb video available out on Youtube and you can watch it here


20140203 At last, dare I say, things have begun to loosen, 2013 was a difficult year for us both with members and our day job, I’ve finally gotten to the website with the new password, so now it will work.

New tshirt prints made by Christopher Swahn, The tshirt is now sold for 100 SEK, take the opportunity to purchase a very limited edition.

 We will take a session drummer named Jonas Carlen, when Erik finds it difficult to get away from work, check the schedule for new shows.

20130826 Time for an update on the website more pictures are now in the gallery, new gig October 4 we will play with Faceshift and Caliber at Rocks bar in Stockholm. The day after we are playing in Kramfors on Metal Inferno, a lot of stuff will be done in the fall so have an eye on the website and facebook.

20130722 Numb is now available on most downloadable pages like Spotify, iTunes and available in both Korea and Italy to name a few, we are apparently also in first place on ReverbNation and on Saturday we play as one of many bands in Jevnaker in Norway .

20130722 New Show Confirmed in Kramfors,also updated the homepage,check pics section more will come.

20130605 Erik Magnusson has joined the band as drummer on June 29th we’re playing at Cuprum in Ostersund, I regret to inform that we are forced to cancel the whole European tour when we are without a drummer these dates were determined, there are no new dates booked.

Booking Denmark ria@dedicatedbooking.dk http://www.dedicatedbooking.dk/

Booking Finland Bounded By Metal

Rest of the world D-booking@live.se

Another question get in contact with Sliptrickrecords

Sold out






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