2008 // Promo CD [Self released]

1.Aim for the sun 2. Betrayel 3.Pay The price 4.Titans 5.Feed my hate 6.Freefall 7.The Siren 8.Within

2008 // Bulletsize CD [Nightrose Records]

1.Hands of hate 2.Betrayal 3.Feed my hate 4.The Siren 5.Among the living 6.Dominate 7.Freefall 8.Annihilation 9. Aim for the sun 10.Within

Recorded in WNS Studio

2012 // The Apokalypse [Sliptrick Records]

1. The Apokalypse 2.Out of silence 3. The Terrorizer 4.Handmade God 5. 1000 Deaths 6.Wishing for the bullet 7.Alone in the Dark [Feat. Sol Skugga] 8.From Ashes 9.Cassandra

2013 NUMB SliptrickRecords

1. Swallow the pain 2. Dead in 15 seconds 3. NUMB 4. The Agitator 5. Pay the price 6. Eyes of the blind 7. Lockdown 8.Titans

Recorded 2013 Empirestudios .